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In the last five years, much of my work has focused on borderlands and immigration. I've looked at how geographical lines affect politics, society, culture, economies and the environment - and vice versa.

Here's some of that work:

What is safe third country law?


The US has proposed a "safe third country" agreement with Mexico and other Central American countries, if migrant arrivals to the border are not reduced. We explain what it is.

Migrants held under border bridge


United States officials say they're seeing an "unprecedented" surge in Central American asylum seekers arriving at the US-Mexico border. In March 2019, some were held under an overpass in El Paso.

Violence in Mexico: The US' role


There were more than 33,000 killings in Mexico in 2018 - but there's only one legal gun store in the country. US weapons are feeding the crisis in Mexico - as is a high demand for drugs in the US.

The teens playing border patrol


On any given Saturday in the small border town of Nogales, Arizona these teens train to be the agents they’ve seen patrolling in their neighborhoods.

The migrant caravan travelling through Mexico


In April 2018, a large caravan of Central American migrants travelling north through Mexico caught the attention of President Donald Trump.